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Adopt a Family ​

***Coming Soon***

You can adopt a family! Yes there is nothing more rewarding than to learn more about a family help them directly watch the change in their lives and develop lifetime friendship. 

Taste Of 1Ministry  

This is where churches, sponsors and donors meet the people in which we help. We have a cookout and play baseball and/or basketball and/or soccer.


We will allow exhibitor and booths for people and companies to showcase their food or products but nothing to be sold. However, Donations are Appreciated 

1Ministry Outreach 

Local and sponsor churches partner together to connect with the community. Door to door, block by block. How can we address their needs if we don't stop by and listen to them

Sponsor A Child 

***Coming Soon***

We plan to work with near by schools to find children that excel in school but seems to struggle financially.

Fee Free Community Cafe 


We will start a feeding program where we provide "Hot Meals" nightly. The Cafe will be a restaurant style with small menu (2-3 meat items) served at the table (not buffet style) and the bill will read "Paid for by "Sponsors Name" (if sponsor allow it) or Paid for by a Fellow Servant of Christ. The meals are free to the community. Our plan is to provide a respectful, loving, place to enjoy a meal with out cost to them. Isaiah 55:1 


We are in need of: 

  • Food

  • Volunteers

  • Chairs (75)

Kitchen PROJECT 

We are almost finish with the kitchen, It is exciting to see how close we are to serving the community and starting our Feed thy Neighbor Program.


We still need at least one commercial​.

  • Refrigerator

  • Dishes for 75

  • Storage Totes

  • Steel Storage Racks/Shelving  








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