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Family needs varies from furniture, food, home repair, food, and more. You can adopt a family or give towards the support of a family.


We have no limit to how you can give. You can give by check, money order, paypal, and even gift cards. We can provide proof of exactly how your support was utilized.  


Companies can help their local community as a good neighbor. They can get sponsorship signage and volunteer opportunities to help the community, while doing feel good work that Inspires, impact and Improve the life of others.

We need, food, clothing, books and numerous other items. If you desire to support a child you can support in-general a male or female child. Gift cards that we will take the child to select their own items or we will provide you their size/needs and you can ship them to us via, UPS/FedEx/USPS


If you want to sponsor a child we will connect you to a child and provide you updates of progress, letters created by the child, maybe even a photo (with the parents consent of course) and more. 


If you partner with us and tell us your desires of who you want to support. We will provide you proof that 100% of your gift will go to support a family.100% of your donation will go to support a the child(red) or family. We only use your donation to cover our operating cost if you allow us to do so. Not to exceed 10% of your donations.



Join the Feed Thy Neighbor Coalition. This is a group that focus on serving the needs of others. 


We're not concerned about money!!! 

However, if your company is concerned about donation visit our marketing site by clicking here.

Help your company while helping others.

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